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At Magic Lab, we understand the importance of keeping your everyday essentials in tip-top condition. Our expert cleaning service caters to slippers, sandals, and caps, ensuring they look and feel their best. Say goodbye to dirt, stains, and odours as we work our magic. Whether it’s removing sand from your favourite flip-flops, freshening up your cozy slippers, or restoring your cap’s vibrant colours, we’ve got the tools and expertise to make it happen. Trust us to rejuvenate your favourite accessories, so you can step out in style and comfort.

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Your all-in-one solution for keeping slippers, sandals, and caps looking fresh and pristine. This clean uses specially formulated cleaning solutions and brushes designed to tackle dirt, stains, and odours on a variety of footwear and headwear. Whether it’s your favorite slippers, well-worn sandals, or your trusty cap, this has you covered. It’s time to keep your essentials clean and ready for any adventure.


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